What We Do

Hot Spots Movement is a specialist research consultancy founded by Professor Lynda Gratton of the London Business School, one of the world's leading thinkers in organisational behavior and the future of work.

We work to identify where companies can future-proof their working practice, in order to foster innovation and enhance performance.

Through our cutting-edge research insights we support and help companies to understand how their people strategies and practices need to be adapted to meet the expectations of tomorrow's talent. Hot Spots Movement act as a source of collaborative inspiration, a catalyst to enhance an organisation's people and processes and a platform from which to prepare for the future of work.

Whether you want to draw upon the collaborative intelligence of your existing talent pool, diagnose and build your collaborative capabilities, or ensure that your business attracts the brightest up-and-coming talent; we offer a variety of solutions to suit your needs.

Our approach is to inform, inspire and facilitate your journey, rather than to direct or implement it. This means that ownership remains with you and your teams who, supported by our expert research and facilitation, are in charge of implementing plans and delivering on their objectives. This not only makes our involvement highly cost-effective, it also ensures a higher success rate as your teams are deeply engaged with the process from the outset.

Future of Work Research Consortium

Our Future of Work Research Consortium draws together leading professionals from organisations as diverse as Shell, Tata Consultancy Services and The Coca-Cola Company to understand how corporations should adapt their work practices to remain relevant. Read more here.


We take a facilitating role in enabling companies to future-proof their processes, by helping them identify and build their collaborative capabilities and by engaging employees in real-time debate and collaboration on one of the most advanced online collaboration platforms in the world. Read more here.


We design and facilitate in-house workshops around your particular organisational and employee challenges. Based on an in-depth briefing, we design an agenda to fit your particular requirements, preferred style and tailored to the needs of participants. Take a look at our Living Strategy workshop for an example of what we offer.

Bespoke Research

How do you promote informed decision-making about complex issues within your organisation? Do you need to add depth and breadth of research for your strategy papers and reports? In many organisations, this can prove challenging - especially when decisions need to be made quickly: It takes time and effort to produce the reports and research papers on which big decisions are based, and few have the time or the expertise.

We have a highly skilled research team who deliver bespoke research insights, in the format you need - reports, presentations, speeches, webinars or facilitated workshops.

Contact Tina Schneidermann to learn how Hot Spots Movement can help your organisation.

The Team

Professor Lynda Gratton
Thought Leadership

Lynda Gratton is Professor of Management Practice at London Business School. She was ranked in the top 15 on The Thinkers50 2013 list of the world’s top 50 business thinkers, and is the highest ranking Briton. She was described by the FT as the...

Tina Schneidermann
Chief Operating Officer

Tina has a proven history and expertise in building profitable businesses around content, on a global scale. She has 25 years’ boundary spanning experience in managing collaborative teams in more than 20 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the...

Haniah Shaukat
Head of Research and Analysis

Haniah's expertise lies in identifying pertinent talent challenges faced by global organisations and in helping our members translate our research into action. Haniah is highly networked and works closely with thought leaders and leading...

Emma Birchall
Head of Insight and Forecasting

Emma works with clients to anticipate the trends shaping the future of work and how they will need to adapt working practices to future-proof their success. Emma delivers Masterclasses attended by senior executives from multinational organisations...

Harriet Molyneaux
Head of Digital Engagement

Harriet derives great enjoyment from successfully delivering complex global projects, with a focus on simplifying them for clients to enable achieving their goals. As head of digital engagement, she focuses on building collaborative crowd-sourced...

David Takacs
Digital Support Manager

David Takacs is responsible for coordinating the digital elements of our Jam projects and works closely with Harriet. His main responsibilities include information security, coordinating our virtual team of facilitators and overseeing the...

Anna Gurun

Anna has joined Hot Spots Movement as a Researcher. She previously worked for The British Council and as a freelance researcher in Britain and France. With extensive research experience on cross-cultural networks and social groups, Anna is...

John Furness
Project Manager, Digital Engagement

John works extensively with clients to help them overcome the most complex organisational challenges through harnessing the power of their employees’ collective voice. Marketing, developing and producing Hot Spots Movement’s Jam platforms, our...

Melissa Forbes
Head of Administration and Community Management

Melissa joined us as our Head of Admin and Community Management after completing a Psychology degree from The University of Nottingham and subsequently working as the Office Manager for a Top 10 London property agency. With her analytic and...