Actionable Results to Complex Challenges

Your organisation faces challenges every day. Some of these challenges need to be solved rapidly and depend on a high level of knowledge and collaboration from your team across functions and geographies, which is a difficult undertaking in itself. So what if you could facilitate a thoughtful, extended dialogue during which people build upon each other's ideas to reach a solution? Better still, imagine you could achieve all this rapidly, without having to fly anybody in avoiding the costs and time constraints of meetings. Jams deliver this experience, giving you access to the wisdom of the great people you have within your company, wherever they are, to produce a clear plan of action and address your challenges.

We provide a guided online conversation that harnesses the collaborative intelligence of your employees, apply cutting edge analytics software to this conversation and then present you with a report containing actionable results. Creating a blueprint for change has never been so quick or easy.

What Jams Can Do For You

End Result: Address your challenge rapidly, inclusively and with a fully engaged workforce by identifying a team or company-wide solution.

Broad Reach: Create a shared space for your employees to collaborate in real-time with hundreds to thousands of colleagues, providing you with access to knowledge from every part of your business

Deep Discussions: Conduct meaningful, iterative conversations, with our expert facilitators who guide your employees toward deep discussions and encourage them to build on the ideas of others.

Rapid Evolution: Create a shared sense of urgency around a complex challenge, generating meaningful results with real-time sentiment analytics, quantitative, and qualitative analysis, within a timeframe that suits you.

Unexpected Insights: Enable employees to raise business-critical insights and explore aspirations that would not arise in traditional surveys or focus groups.

Shared Purpose and Engagement: Connect the people you need to solve your challenge so you can craft and implement the change effectively, while driving engagement

Empowered Users: Identify the natural leaders in the conversation who become champions for change when delivering the solution.

Blueprint for Change: We deliver a report tailored to your requirements. We can also run workshops and webinars facilitated by our Future of Work research team: We will ensure the insights captured during the Jam are not lost.

Linklaters Jam Case Study

Understand how a magic circle law firm tackled work-life balance through crowdsourcing. Read more here.

PwC Jam Case Study

Reducing Attrition Rates in Millennials: a PwC Jam case study. Read more here.

Experiencing the Jam at Lloyd's Register

Annette Holmes, Change and Engagement Manager at Lloyd's Register, has shared her experience of a Jam run by the Hot Spots Movement team.

Deep Insights and Digital Engagement Expertise

Building on the Future of Work Research Consortium, led by Professor Lynda Gratton, we combine our research on the future of work with our state of the art online Jam platform. Having worked with close to 100 multinational organisations, we have built expertise in a range of organisational business challenges, and have a long history of running online research communities. Combining this experience of online community management and deep knowledge of a number of crucial human capital themes, Jams are a powerful tool for collaborative change for organisations and their employees.

What Our Clients Say

These are some testimonials from recent Jam clients:

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The PwC NextGenLive Jam brought together 1,000 Millennial employees to discuss how they could improve retention. Among the 4,000 comments generated were a number of unexpected themes which have since fed into recruitment and retention strategies, including the desire for global exposure and an emphasis on health and wellbeing.

"Running a Jam allowed us to bring together 1,000 Millenials from across the firm. The global conversation that took place was not only inspiring in its sense of community, but was also rich with insights that we could take back into the organisation. Hot Spots Movement was great at delivering unexpected insights that a survey would never have touched on. At the same time, advanced analytics revealed common opinions based on how people talked about particular topics.

The post-Jam report distilled this vast conversation into four emerging themes, each of which has helped us rethink our approach to attracting and retaining world-class talent. Overall, the Jam has allowed us to very quickly create deep insight into a complex issue, while creating engagement and a lasting sense of community among Jam participants."

Dennis Finn, Vice Chairman and Global Human Capital Leader, PwC

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The Novartis Pharma HR Jam was a global conversation focused on strategy. Jammers co-created a range of solutions around the challenge of collaboration, many at low or no cost to the business.

"The function of Human Resources has never needed to be more connected as a global community than today. The intensity, energy and quality of the conversation was so contagious that I found myself being hooked to this instant and genuine conversation with no boundaries. And I was not alone. Many of the senior HR leaders ranked to as Jam contributors! With the professional advice and expertise of the Hot Spots Movement team, not only did we engage our HR function before and during the Jam session, but some of our top business leaders were also able to connect with HR associates over this exciting platform in order to gain immediate feedback on critical issues. It has really shown us a new way to build an inclusive and open community."

Laura McKeaverey, Head of Global Human Resources, Novartis Pharma

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