The Future of Work Research Consortium

Our Research Consortium provides you with the insights, tools and executive network to successfully navigate the future of work.

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Founded by Professor Lynda Gratton, the Future of Work Research Consortium is the longest running and most advanced membership group anticipating how work is changing and what organisations must do differently to thrive in the years ahead. Our unique approach explores not only what is happening to work, but what is changing about the workforce itself, from shifting family structures to what it means to live and work in an age of longevity.

Why Join?

  • Build thought leadership within your organisation

  • Identify your organisation's future of work risk areas, and how you compare with other leading companies

  • Solve your most complex challenges armed with the latest research insights and the support of an exclusive network of executives across 35 global member companies

  • Future of Work Masterclasses led by Professor Lynda Gratton, featuring guest speakers, member case studies and the chance to build your network

  • Access to the members-only, online Future of Work library, alongside bespoke in-company workshops for you and your team to help you navigate the future of work and take action

Current Research Themes

Intangible Assets

The deal between organisations and talent is shifting from a focus on tangible assets - such as pay - to a balance with intangible assets such as the ability of employees to build skills, reputation and vitality. Our Research Team is working with members to explore how they can be at the forefront of crafting a new and compelling deal that engages the workforce of the future.

Shifting Cultures

Is your organisation's culture fit for the workforce of the future? We are researching the role of culture in translating an organisation's values into everyday behaviours, drawing on good practice case studies from the Consortium's global membership network.

Narratives on the Future of Work

What impact will the five forces of globalisation, technology, demography, society, and resources have on your organisation in the years ahead? Within this theme, we will explore the interplay between the five forces and a set of twenty corresponding trends that will disrupt industries, organisations and talent models. Members will benefit from insights on how to future-proof their organisational design, ready to thrive in the new world of work.

Contact Us for Membership Details

The Consortium runs on a rolling 12-month membership, and you can choose between three different membership packages.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Future of Work Research Consortium, please get in touch with us.

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