Latest themes

FoW is currently exploring the following themes:

  • The Hundred Year Life - We are at the dawn of the 100-year life. This creates enormous opportunities, but also significant challenges and risks. We will draw on psychological and economic research to introduce the concepts of tangible and intangible assets at the level of the individual, exploring how a three-stage career will evolve and what it means to work for up to 80 years. From the corporate perspective, we will consider what this means for selection and development, for mentoring and coaching, and how corporations are beginning to prepare for what will without doubt be the most significant change in human capital ever faced.
  • The Collaborative Imperative - Working with colleagues across time zones and locations is part of our everyday business life and an increasing number of teams have to collaborate virtually on complex projects. As a result, management teams now see strong collaboration capabilities as a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. At the same time, they recognise that the conventional design of organisations is not geared towards fostering a collaborative way of working. In this theme, we will explore the new advances in research on collaboration, including the role generosity has to play in building collaborative teams, how best to recognise and reward collaboration, and opening up the debate on diverse teams.
  • Talent Innovation - Demographic shifts are changing where the world?s workforce will be located, with some countries entering a period of demographic dividend with millions of young people entering the workforce. But, what does this mean for workforce planning and how will organisations develop the agility they need to respond? In this theme, we examine the jobs of the future, the frontier markets for talent, the progression of Generation Y into managerial roles, and the challenges and opportunities of welcoming Generation Z into the workplace. With the latest data from our Generation Z survey, combined with academic and business insights, we translate these shifts into what they really mean for the employers of tomorrow.

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