Team Solutions

Our Hot Spots Team and Stakeholder Diagnostic, bespoke coaching solutions and workshops are designed to help your teams perform at their very best in today's business environment where organisations that master collaboration today will be tomorrow's winner. You want your teams to be empowered and have the capability to span boundaries and work well within the teams, across teams and with teams outside of your organisation.

Starting with a team and stakeholder diagnostic that is based on extensive academic research, our facilitated solutions empower your teams to identify their challenges, solution and take ownership of the implementation. Your teams will do the consultant's work, not us. Here's an example of a recent workshop facilitated by Hot Spots Movement.

Screenshot 2014-03-28 14.10.02

How we deliver

We've made substantial investments in innovative platforms that allow us to design and deliver facilitated programmes with high ROI and strong sustainability. Our solutions are adapted to each organisation's specific needs, and we make sure our clients never spend time or budget on material that isn't 100% relevant. Using both traditional face-to-face learning elements and virtual tools we ensure our participants are always engaged and our cutting-edge tools are constantly updated based on the latest data and client feedback.