Future-proofing Your People Strategy

Your employee experience is changing fast - technological innovations are transforming jobs and work, people are living and working a great deal longer, and family structures and roles are in flux. The result is that your people practices and processes are under increasing pressure to realign. At the same time, the competitive landscape is requiring speed, focus and agility.

For the last ten years the Hot Spots Movement has worked with companies around the world to ensure that their employee experience, people practices and strategy are future-proofed. Our founder Professor Lynda Gratton has authored four books on future proofing people strategies and is considered one of the world's leading authorities on this topic. Using our signature data and methodologies we have supported companies including PwC, Novartis, Lloyds Register and Linklaters.

Our clients face challenges such as:

  • How do we move quickly to ensure that our goals of inclusion and diversity are delivered?

  • Will our Employee Experience enable us to attract and retain tomorrow's talent?

  • What aspects of our people strategy are future-proofed and what needs to change?

  • How do we prepare our people for significant job automation and support them through Continuous Learning?

  • What are the steps we need to take now to increase the collaborative and innovation capacity of our business?

  • Managing shifting cultures

Our Practice Areas

Employee ExperienceInclusion & DiversityDigital TransformationCollaboration & InnovationJob Automation & Continuous LearningShifting Cultures

Our Signature Approach

Building from our research insight, deep analytics and facilitation skills, we support our clients in bringing about change. Our experience is that the best outcomes have been achieved when we help clients harness the skills and expertise already present in their organisation, amplified by our expertise.

Innovative tools, such as our Collaboration Jams, unleash and channel the energy, innovation and collaboration potential of your organisation. Jams are virtual, facilitated conversations connecting thousands of your people to define your challenge, crowdsource solutions and identify your Change Agents.

We help you enhance the internal insights and ideas and the increase the likely success of your plan of action by drawing on our extensive data base of corporate good practice as well as our deep research-led knowledge of future-proofed solutions. This knowledge includes over 100 cases studies and an extensive analysis of corporate practices brought together over the last decade from our Future of Work consortium.

Are you looking for support in future-proofing your People Strategy? Get in touch with us.