Living Strategy Workshop

Companies that will flourish will do so because they are able to provide meaning and purpose, encouraging individual potential to flourish and grow.

- Lynda Gratton, Living Strategy: Putting People at the Heart of Corporate Purpose

First published in 2000, Living Strategy was ahead of its time and for most organisations, mostly aspirational. Since then, we have worked closely with many leading companies to turn this aspiration into a reality and have designed a Living Strategy Workshop that transforms the role of Organisational Development and Human Resources in delivering corporate strategy.

The workshop draws on Living Strategy's highly effective model for putting people at the heart of corporations, and is further enriched by 10 years? worth of insights from the Future of Work Research Consortium.

This intensive one-day workshop will help you and your colleagues build the organisational capabilities required to truly put people at the heart of your business by:

  1. Creating External Foresight: How to understand the trends shaping the future of work for your organisation.
  2. Imagining the Future: Your team will develop a collective understanding of what it could look like in the years ahead, if each of the company's strategic goals is achieved. From this vantage point, we will work with you to identify the key factors that underscore that future success.
  3. Understanding Current Capabilities: Moving from aspiration to action requires a shared understanding of the current reality of your organisation. As the final step, you will assess your organisation's current capability in terms of the key factors identified in step two and identify how to bridge the capability gap.

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