Living Strategy Workshop

Companies that will flourish will do so because they are able to provide meaning and purpose, encouraging individual potential to flourish and grow.

- Lynda Gratton, Living Strategy: Putting People at the Heart of Corporate Purpose

Lynda Gratton's best-selling book, Living Strategy, fundamentally challenges the way executives think about corporations. Drawing on academic research and a wealth of practical examples, it illustrates the importance of employees being involved in crafting the vision of an organisation, and not just brought in to deploy ideas from the top. According to Gratton, this inclusive process of strategy development is the only way of guaranteeing that employees are truly engaged in the same vision as their leaders, and will volunteer their efforts in making change happen.

First published in 2000, Living Strategy was ahead of its time and for the majority of organisations mostly aspirational. Since then, however, Gratton and her team have worked closely with many leading companies to turn this aspiration into a reality. Drawing on her academic expertise as Professor of Management Practice at London Business School, alongside more than 20 years experience consulting with multinationals, Gratton has designed a Living Strategy framework that transforms the role of organisational development and human resources in delivering corporate strategy.

How can you put people at the heart of your corporate strategy?

The Living Strategy Workshop

Lynda Gratton and her team have developed a new workshop, using Living Strategy's highly effective model for putting people at the heart of corporations. Over the years Lynda Gratton and her team have enriched the Living Strategy model with key insights and diagnostic tools from their Future of Work Research Consortium, which has been running since 2008.

This intensive one-day workshop helps you and your colleagues identify the managerial and organisational capabilities required to develop a people centric corporate strategy, supported by inclusive and fair processes. Encapsulating the mind-set behind Living Strategy, the workshop will help you build the organisational and people capabilities required to truly put people at the heart of your business, including:

Creating External Foresight:

The starting point of the Living Strategy Journey is to understand the trends shaping the future of work for your organisation. As part of preparation for the workshop, you and your colleagues will take the Future of Work Diagnostic to identify the challenges and opportunities for your company around five key forces: Technology, Globalisation, Demography, Society and Energy.

Imagining the Future:

The crux of Living Strategy is to imagine the future and create a collective understanding and vision of what the organisation is capable of achieving. In this second step of the Living Strategy Journey, your team will envisage what it would look like in the years ahead if each of the company's strategic goals has been achieved. From this vantage point we will work with you to identify the key factors that underscore that future success.

Understanding Current Capabilities:

Imagining the future creates a broad aspirational force that energises and reinvigorates. But to move from aspiration to action requires a thorough and shared understanding of the current reality of your organisation. As a third step of the Living Strategy Journey, you and your colleagues will assess your organisation's current capability in terms of the key factors identified in step two.

Identifying the Gaps:

Having identified the key factors that will deliver future success for your organisation as well as assessing your current capabilities, you and your colleagues will then determine which factors are most in need of development. By using a risk matrix, you and your colleagues will identify the highest risk areas of your organisation.

Bridging into Action:

In order to address the risk areas and adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the long-term vision, your organisation must be able to rapidly transform, and to adopt innovative practices. This final step of the Living Strategy Journey will determine the internal capability of your organisation to make change happen and prepare for the future. It will equip you with the understanding and practical insights required to make your organisation agile in the face of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Our highly experienced team of researchers and facilitators will deliver this engaging session in your organisation for the group that you identify as being essential to making it happen. Our team will immerse your group in the thinking and, through a structured process, develop your understanding of the building blocks of the journey and how to use each one to drive performance.

The workshop is tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities within your organisation, and the outcomes are ready to be implemented immediately after the session. We are able to adapt the programme to cater for large or small groups, ensuring each participant is engaged and able to contribute effectively during the day. Once the workshop is complete, our team can support you in realising the benefits of the Living Strategy Workshop through additional research, coaching or producing a blueprint for success based on the outcomes of the session.

Some of the world's leading companies have already benefitted from the Living Strategy Workshop. To find out more please contact Tina Schneidermann and start putting people at the heart of your business.