Team Profiling

Enhancing team performance is the Holy Grail of many HR departments, and one that frequently remains elusive. Our research-based approach to team profiling can help transform the myth into a reality.

Our experience and research shows that teams experience the most significant performance enhancements when they have a clear performance model to work with and have benchmarked data with which to assess their own strengths and development needs. The team profiles are created by team members and key stakeholders (clients, suppliers, and the leader) completing an electronic online questionnaire. This takes about 40 minutes for team members and 10 minutes for stakeholders. The profile is the basis for the detailed picture of the team and their context in comparison with our data set of more than 180 teams and projects from twenty leading multinationals worldwide.


  • Provides an impetus for learning and focus for action
  • Helps you explore how teams streamline work across their value chain
  • Enables team members to compare themselves with our large benchmarking database
  • Provides the data you need to create a tailored set of performance-enhancing actions

Diagnostic tools

We have developed two online diagnostic tools of varying intensity:

  • Hot Spots Teams in Context ProfileTM - Based on the Hot Spots performance model, this detailed diagnostic maps the whole value chain including productive capacity, stakeholder management practices and feedback from suppliers and clients. The profile also measures and benchmarks organisational practices and processes as important contextual factors that enable or hinder the emergence of Hot Spots. It is in-depth - ensuring unparalleled accuracy.
  • Quick diagnostic - This online survey takes just 10 minutes to complete and is often used as an element of our bespoke workshops, enabling us to focus the workshop agenda on your team or organisation's identified needs. Feedback from the diagnostic is also integrated into the workshop agenda.

Feedback process

In order to maximise their learning, each team receive a detailed profile based on the feedback from members, leader, clients, and suppliers. This profile contains a detailed analysis of the team and their context with a tailor made set of actions to boost the performance of the team.

Each team participates in a virtual or face-to-face feedback session (depending on location) with a Hot Spots Coach to review their feedback report and key findings. By doing so our experience is that team members build a deeper understand of how they work with each other whilst the benchmarking creates a momentum for change.

As an outcome of these sessions, teams will be able to interpret their scores and understand what aspects of their team and organisation currently support the emergence of Hot Spots, how stakeholders feel about their productivity, and what might be barriers that have to be overcome to create more value and be more innovative. We also provide tailored action steps, wrap up key findings of the profile and provide recommendations for immediate action.