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Great discussion on the future of work at the Launchpad event today with @lyndagratton @downingstreet

- Anne Hurst - May 2

@lyndagratton I think it is necessary to keep the body and mind active from cradle to grave. I don't fancy retirement at all.

Sridhar Athreya - Apr 26

Few events will have as much impact on economics as @lyndagratton's The 100-Year Life http://www.100yearlife.com/the-book/

- Rob Long - Apr 23


3 Ways to Solidify the Position of Older Workers in Your Organisation

By David Takacs, Researcher, Hot Spots Movement

David is both a researcher and a Jam project manager. He’s also responsible for producing all our multimedia content and managing the library.

Henrik Ibsen’s play, Master Builder, tells the story of a self-made architect, Halvard Solness, who is increasingly afraid of being displace by the young. As I was watching the piece in the Old Vic Theatre in London a few weeks ago, one of Halvard’s lines caught my attention: “The young are waiting. In all their power. Knocking on the door.” This made me wonder whether Halvard’s fear is actually real. Will older workers be made redundant by young upstarts? Does the mature workforce need to step out of the young’s way and give them space? And what are the implications – positive and negative – for organisations? More

It’s Official: Mergers and Acquisitions Are Back

By Harriet Molyneaux, Head of Digital Engagement, Hot Spots Movement

Harriet is our resident expert on crowdsourcing and how to engage big groups in conversations with an outcome. As such, she’s responsible for developing and delivering our Jam activity, in collaboration with David. As the ‘resident expert’ she is often asked to contribute to seminars and roundtables on the interface between digital and engagement.

2015 was a record year, with $4.2 trillion of transactions pending or completed at the end of December. This news leaves shareholders and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) bankers gleefully rubbing their hands together – but for those who have to create a cohesive community out of two different organisations it’s a very different matter. More


Dominic Cools-Lartigue is the founder of trendy London nightlife venue Street Feast – and he’s also one of the people who contributed their story to the 100-Year Life website. In his story, Dominic shares the life events, concerns and changes in perspective which motivated him to launch his successful venture, and also talks about his aspirations for the future. His account provides a fascinating insight into how people are starting to re-evaluate the interplay between work and family life, as well as how the prospect of longevity impacts those decisions. We really appreciate the care and thought Dominic put into his story and are really pleased to have him in our network.

You can read Dominic’s story on the 100-Year Life website. To find out more about Street Feast, visit www.streetfeastlondon.com.


By Haniah Shaukat, Research & Forecasting, Hot Spots Movement

As one of our Senior Researchers, Haniah specialises in Collaboration, Resilience, Diversity and Inclusion and Leadership – as well as many other areas. She writes articles and reports as well as bespoke studies.

Despite all the talk about the strength of peer networks and the supposed levelling effect of technology, power still appears to be a zero-sum game. In fact, getting organisations to do away with hierarchies is proving to be next to impossible. For all its enemies – and the millions of copies of employee empowerment handbooks – hierarchy is amazingly resilient. More


By Emma Birchall, Head of Research – Future of Work, Hot Spots Movement

Emma manages all of our overall research planning and supports clients by delivering keynote presentations, diagnostic feedback and workshops. Emma also writes bespoke reports for the Future of Work Research Consortium and Jams.

Workshops and Masterclasses are a core part of what we do here at the Hot Spots Movement, and we’re always fortunate in that we receive really great feedback on the events we’ve hosted.

Recently we’ve noticed a trend towards friends and FoW members looking to us for advice about creating learning experiences of their own – whether to share what they’ve learned at our events with a wider audience within their organisation or to further the development of much-needed skills. More


Find out what the banker of the future might look like
We'll soon be launching a collaborative undertaking to create a vision of the Banker of the Future. Since the financial crisis it has become quite clear what the banker of the future won’t look like. It is now time to ensure it is clear to the banking community what talent profile will ensure banks again become profitable, trusted and attractive organisations to work for. Contact tina@hotspotsmovement.com to find out more.

The 100-Year Life on CNBC
Andrew Scott, co-author of The 100-Year Life, was recently in Hong Kong where he was interviewed for CNBC about how changing demographics are shaping the landscape in which we work and the relevance these changes have for our lives and careers. You can watch the interview on the CNBC website.

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