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Hot Spots Newsletter: face the year's challenges through collaboration

Happy New Year from the Hot Spots Movement! Or, in our native languages: Godt Nytår; Gëzuar Vitin e Ri, Buon Anno; नया साल मुबारक हो; and Glückliches Neues Jahr.

Coming into January, we all know that this year will be a challenge. So, we have to get our thinking caps on and realise that these challenging times require new solutions – and critical to finding these new solutions is collaboration. The only way we will achieve more with the same resources is to collaborate and make better use of the human capital – and creativity – we already have.

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Are you an adult or a child at work?

Just before Christmas, Lynda took the time to reflect on her experiences of 2011, in particular the changing relationship between companies and their employees. Previously, this relationship was Parent to Child; now, she says, it is moving towards a more balanced Adult to Adult relationship.

Lynda has compiled five questions for you to answer as we enter the start of a fresh year, to consider whether you are an adult or a child at work. Click here to see for yourself.


We have just a couple more places left on the Driving Collaboration public workshop in London on January 27. Our workshops are proven to have solid results because they focus on experiential learning, short exercises, and a mix of individual and small group activities.

During the day, you will:

  • hear how to tackle a real collaboration challenge in your organisation – get advice and tips during the day and close with an action plan that helps you achieve tangible results in your organisation;
  • learn about effective drivers of collaboration and how to overcome barriers as you try to create engagement for new collaboration initiatives;
  • understand what makes collaboration complex when you work across the boundaries of functions, different areas of expertise, cultures, or in the virtual space;
  • reflect on how you can leverage networks to build purposeful collaboration for innovation;
  • discover how to juggle collaborative efforts in fast-paced environments where multiple and complex stakeholder relationships have to be managed;
  • expand your own network by meeting other participants with interesting collaboration challenges from other companies and industries.

You can download the agenda here and register here.

Announcing FoW4

It's a new year, and we're announcing the new Future of Work Research Consortium exclusively to Hot Spots Movement members with an early joining discount. The FoW4 will be launched in October and run through until April 2013. This is the fourth edition and each consortium has grown in size and in geographical reach. Since its inception over 60 companies and 500 executives have been members of the Future of Work Consortium.

As was the case for FoW3, we will offer the option of enhanced memberships for those joining FoW4. Firstly, the FoW team will write the Company Blueprint for you at the end of the six-month period. We have found this particularly helpful to teams who are excited about the results and insights but do not have the time to prepare a fully comprehensive executive report themselves. Secondly, the FoW team will provide an in-house workshop for your team: this is really useful for brand new members who haven't experienced the FoW process before, and is designed to bring you up to speed prior to the start of the consortium.

We have not finalised the themes for FoW 4, and would be delighted to hear your thoughts. So far, we are considering:

1. Technology: social media – knowledge – flexibility
2. Talent: emerging talent pools – future leadership competencies – talent development models
3. Innovation: drivers – processes – models – adoption
4. Redefining the roles of government and business around work: collaboration – education – healthcare – legislation

Email Tina for more details and to let us know your topic suggestions!

Upcoming Jam: Complex Collaboration

Moving back to FoW3 for a moment, we're already halfway through the process. We will be holding our next Jam from February 6 to 8, off the back of the hugely-successful first Jam on Generational Cohesion. The topic for this one is on Complex Collaboration – a topic very close to our hearts at the Hot Spots Movement. We believe complex collaboration is one of the main factors in how to drive performance and innovation in - and through - teams. The Jam will run alongside a Masterclass (February 3) and we will explore the following topics:

1. Open Innovation and Virtual Communities
2. Fast and Virtual Trust
3. Development and Context of Collaboration
4. Hyperspecialisation

In addition to the London Masterclass on February 3, we are also holding a Masterclass in Mumbai, India on January 17. If you wish to attend, please contact Jayna.

Make your own Jam

A couple of months ago, we started designing and running bespoke Jams, after some of the companies we work with saw how well the interactive technology works. Jams are a really effective way of building an online community that engages in a really interesting, real-time debate, with feedback that can be turned into great learning for the company.

Based on the principle of creating an online conversation, the Jams are easy to join, real-time, work across geographies/timezones, and have a limited duration. This creates a buzz and gives participants a sense of urgency to get their point across and communicate with people in their own organisations that are outside their normal working groups and networks.

We recently designed and ran a Jam for a Fortune 500 company that was created to help the company gain an understanding of how its GenY team members perceive the company as an employer and the company's brand values. The Jam was extremely well received and provided lots of insights – including many that the company hadn't expected.

If you are interested in learning more about these bespoke Jams, just drop Tina an email. We provide the platform that can be branded as you want; we work with you to design the Provocations to be used over the period of the Jam, and the platform works from a couple of hundred invited participants to several thousand.

China's human capital "signature"

Lynda spent time in Shanghai and Hong Kong recently, and came back with some really interesting observations on the "signature" of China that will shape its human capital future.

Click here to see the five critical aspects.

Communicating with the new working generation

Lynda was interviewed on Dubai Eye, the leading business and talk radio business channel in the United Arab Emirates, to discuss The Shift. One of the points she discussed was how to communicate with the under-20s – tomorrow's working generation. Listen here for an excerpt from the interview.

The Hindu reviews The Shift

The Shift was reviewed in The Hindu (we love the book title Corporate Divas just above it!). You can read the review here.

Would you like to join us?

We are looking for a Head of Project Design, Sales and Delivery. This team member (based in London) will have 10 years or more in a HR comsulting/diagnostic role and will lead the development and delivery of our programmes to clients. More details are here or you can email Tina.

Who's in our network?

For this issue, we're switching to someone we would like to have in our network. Tina Sciabica is the Executive Director of READ Global, which promotes literacy and provides access to knowledge in rural communities. There is a fascinating interview with her on the Forbes website.

READ Global has just received a $4.7 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to expand their work. Presently, 1.8 million villagers have access to the 57 READ Centers established to date. Examples of the success of these initiatives – Stories of Empowerment – are here.

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