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Hot Spots Newsletter: the new leadership generation

How do companies need to adapt for the new Gen Y generation of leaders? We have been thinking a lot about this issue – both the implications for corporations, but also for the Gen Y leaders-to-be.

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New leaders required

by Lynda Gratton
Last month, I was in Davos chairing the WEF Council on 'New Models of Leadership'. Across the whole conference, there was much talk about the challenges leaders face in this rapidly changing world. In the Future of Work Consortium we have taken a particularly close view of how the generations work together, and of course this has real implications for the generations both as leaders and indeed as followers.

What is also clear is that the role of the leader is taking place in ever more complex and challenging times. It is interesting that this year many of the major financial institutions on Wall Street have new CEOs at their helm. I look forward to seeing how these new leaders act in the face of declining consumer trust, tougher regulations, and an increase in the need to demonstrate good corporate citizenship.

From a generational perspective, as "Baby Boomers" are beginning to retire from leadership positions, they are being replaced by Gen X and, in some of the fast growth technology companies, even Gen Y. What we know is that the Baby Boomer generations and Gen X can have rather different work styles and values, based on their use of technology and their differing career experiences. Once Gen Y leaders are in place, we can anticipate even more differences, as many have new values, new working methods and a leadership style that will affect the whole organisation – from the top down. Click here to read more.

  • Lynda is the Chair of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on the New Modes of Leadership, and will be sharing more insights with you over the next few months.

New workshops announced

On the topic of leadership, we are launching a new series of workshops, including one on the leader of the future, with a specific focus on how to lead, direct and support teams as we believe this will be the key differentiator that will make a leader great.

If you are interested in hearing more about our new workshops, email Tina for details.

Lynda confirmed as speaker at Global Drucker Forum

The Global Drucker Forum, named after the most inspirational management thinker of our time, Peter Drucker, will be held in Vienna on November 15 – 16, and Lynda will be a speaker.

She will also act as Chair of the Jury for the Global Peter Drucker Challenge, where essays are submitted on the topic of Reinventing Work: the future of work in the context of Capitalism 2.0. Last year's winners are listed here and you can view a video of the highlights from last year's conference by clicking the picture.

Meanwhile, Lynda is speaking at the Names Not Numbers conference in Portmeirion in Wales this weekend, alongside some really interesting speakers including Harvey Goldsmith, Julia Peyton-Jones of the Serpentine Gallery, and Channel 4's Jon Snow. We're looking forward to reports from the event in the next newsletter.

Lynda named CCL award winner

CCL, the Center for Creative Leadership, has announced that Lynda has been named the 2011 winner of the Walter F Ulmer Jr. Applied Research Award. The award is named in honour of CCL's former president, and previous winners include Dr Anne Tsui, Dr Jerry Hunt and Dr Edwin P. Hollander.

Are we really prepared for change?

In an interview with Daniel Garrahan of the Financial Times, Lynda and Vanessa Robinson of The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development discuss whether we are ready for change in gloomy economic times.

Reader debate: corporate citizenship

We have been thinking a lot about sustainability and the role of companies as global citizens – their approach to what we call "grand challenges". Over the next few months, we will be examining how some companies use their influence and presence to strengthen the social fabric of their communities, to achieve very real results.

  • Have your say: how does your organisation work to achieve benefits in the community? Just drop Tina an email!

The Lynda Gratton Business Leader of the Year Award

We are delighted to announce that the Australian Human Resources Institute has named its Business Leader of the Year award in honour of Lynda. The award, which combines CEO of the Year and Manager of the Year, will be judged by Lynda and presented later this year.

What we're reading

We have been looking at the 2 degrees site – a business community that focuses on efficiency and creating profit through sustainability. The site brings together working groups on matters as diverse as employee and customer engagement, carbon markets and CSR reporting. The community can generate requests for webinars from experts and there are also some really interesting blog posts.

Who's in our network?

We have known Marcus for years, and have always enjoyed his fresh take on business. His latest book, StandOut, looks at how each of us can assess our skills in the workplace and suggests techniques to make us better. Marcus's research is always on the money, thanks to his time at Gallup, and he focuses on developing our strengths, rather than concentrate on trying to fix our weaknesses. He takes us through the assessment process online.

Marcus was also interviewed by Dan Pink – another friend of the Hot Spots Movement – in Office Hours. You can download the mp3 of the interview here.

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