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Hot Spots Newsletter: finding inspiration

This month, we've been considering inspiration and where we find it. For Lynda, it was a Masai warrior in Africa, and we are hoping it will come from case studies and experiments from members of the Hot Spots Community.

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Lynda's new book: we need you!

You heard it here first: Lynda's new book, which she is in the middle of writing, is about how companies prepare for the future. As a result, she is looking for case studies and real-life examples of experiments in management.

Lynda explains: "I'm inspired by some of the examples I have heard about how companies have moved nimbly to address business situations that have arisen – and I'd love to hear more! We are looking for experiments that had two clear groups, experimental and control, with base line data before the intervention and from afterwards along the same base line, for example motivation, attitudes, skills, performance and retention.

"Examples of an intervention could be team members worked from home, or received a different training element, or had coaching. If you have been involved in, or know of experiments like that, we'd love to hear from you!"

If you have any case studies to suggest, please email Haniah at the Hot Spots Movement.

Design an in-house workshop

We have built a framework for an in-house workshop on Future-proofing your HR department / function that can be customised for companies. The exact content of the workshop is built around a company's workforce requirements, its strategy and its culture. It can run as part of a strategy meeting, corporate retreat or team-building, or as part of a HR development course. The workshop can run over one or two days. If you would like to understand more about the workshop, just email Tina for details.

Join the Future of Work 4 and public workshops

We are filling the final places for the Future of Work Research Consortium – launching in September – so please contact Tina if you want to join the biggest research programme on the future of work in the world. We have already amassed data on more than 40,000 individuals and look forward to have you join the discussion! Furthermore, if you sign up, you could become the 25th company to be part of the FoW4. The three big themes for this year are: the role of business in society, the impact of future talent, and agile business.

Also in September and October, we are running public workshops in London:

  • September 11: Future-proofing Your Company
  • October 16: Future-proofing the Team Leader
  • October 18: Driving Collaboration

You can read more as well as register online by clicking here.

Out of Africa… comes inspiration

Sometimes reflections from our work environment come from the most unexpected places: Lynda tells the story of a Masai warrior, and how he represents the paradox of the future, during her TEDX talk in London.

Click on the image to view the video.

"It's the people, stupid"

We came across a blog by entrepreneur and former CEO Walt Sutton, wherein Walt gives his views on Lynda's strategies for corporations – and he sums it up with the above quote. We couldn't agree more: he really nailed down Lynda's ideas about how people are central to an organisation's success, and how we need to create corporate environments that fulfill them. That's why our work at the Hot Spots Movement continues to bridge the senior executive function and the HR department: they both need each other to be on the same page to ensure a creatively inspired – and successful – workforce.

We are growing

At the Hot Spots Movement we are always looking for great people who would like to join our team as we continue to build different areas of the Movement, including in-house workshop design, public workshops and the Future of Work Research Consortium.

We're keen to hear from you if you want to join the London-based team! If you are a dynamic graduate, fluent in English, with two to five years' business experience, and are keen to be part of an international team and to contribute to the research and strategic development we do here, then please get in touch!

The Shift continues its global march

The Shift has now been published in Chinese and Portuguese, taking the total to 13 languages and 25 countries. What do you think of the covers for these new markets?

What we have been reading

Business Life, one of the British Airways' on-board magazines, is full of content every month, from new business hotels to an advice column from Dragon's Den entrepreneur Deborah Meaden. In the latest issue, economist Tim Harford looks at the value of collaboration, pointing out that today's research advances require a team of Sir Isaac Newtons, not just one. He gives the interesting example of the Oxford Martin School, designed to foster cross-disciplinary projects at the University of Oxford. You can read Tim's article here.

Who's in our network?

Judy has been a friend for some time, so we wanted the chance to share her work as Executive Director of The Aspen Institute's Business and Society Program. The Program has just announced its fourth class of First Mover Fellows, created to showcase the work of individuals working in a corporate environment to create business growth that is partnered with sustainability measures. We really like the themes that the Fellowship is built around – innovation, leadership, reflection and community – and were excited to see huge corporations, including Citigroup, BlackRock, GE, Walmart and Microsoft represented.

On the topic of sustainability, you should read her Huffington Post blog post on how we move forward after Rio+20.

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