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Can corporations succeed by tackling big social problems? Asks @lyndagratton

- SpeakersAssociates - Mar 21

Here is a book I can't wait to read! and @ajslondon1 @lyndagratton

Matthew Bishop - Mar 17

Life expectancy to increase 2-3yrs. That's like adding 8hrs to each day! Great work @lyndagratton @ajslondon1

- George Mendes - Mar 17


The 100-Year Life Website is Now Live!

Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott have just launched the website for their forthcoming book The 100-Year Life. The site contains more information about the book and the research behind it, podcasts from experts including Herminia Ibarra and David Laibson, and the opportunity to submit your own story and share your approach to longevity, planning for the future and building your career.

The 100-Year Life is available to pre-order via You can also follow @lyndagratton and @ajslondon1 for regular updates on content and events around the book launch.


We’ve been promoting the power of the crowd for a long time now – and most of the organisations we speak to are keenly aware of the latent potential that lies within their talent pool. However, while these organisations are proud of their talent, many of them report that it can be a struggle to draw innovative ideas out of employees’ minds and into their business plan.

The main reason for this is that few organisations are structured to draw ideas from around the business. All too frequently, ideas for new products or strategies are generated by small groups of chosen individuals with participation in the group dictated by connections, seniority, job title, mindset or geographical location. More


Our friend of the month is Kate Richardson-Moore, who is the global Head of Talent and Engagement at Linklaters LLP, a London headquartered ‘Magic Circle’ law firm. Kate has over 20 years of experience in HR in healthcare/R&D, financial services, and investment management and since 2010 in the legal industry. One of her ’trademark characteristics’ which we much admire, is her energy and courage to try new approaches –and her determination to push for buy-in from the senior leadership teams. As we tend to advocate, senior HR executives must see themselves as integral members of the senior leadership team and be able to back up their ideas and plans with solid arguments and not least data. More


At our most recent Masterclass on Time and Performance Management, Emma interviewed Farooq Chaudhry, English National Ballet Producer and co-founder and Producer of Akram Khan Company, on his approach to Performance Management. Farooq plays a key role in forming innovative business models to support Akram Khan's artistic ambitions as well as offering creative support during project development. His approach to the often tricky matter of Performance Management is particularly refreshing and we’re delighted to be able to share it – you can watch the whole interview on YouTube.


Whether manifested in the dissatisfaction with corporations and governments, the increasing influence wielded by Instagram sensations and online petition groups, or the rise of the autonomous employee, the world is seeing a huge shift in its relationship to power and leadership.

It’s a shift that affects all of our social and organisational interactions – which is why we decided to make the future of power and leadership our current FoW theme. It’s a theme that allows us to examine not only how organisations will address power and leadership in the future, but also the effects current approaches have on us. For example, traditional power structures have been identified as a cause of weak performance. But is it possible to create a successful and productive working environment without hierarchy and competition? Do self-managing teams work, or are they a recipe for disaster? How can we create career paths without hierarchy?

The change in how we relate to leadership also means rethinking how we nurture leaders. Increasingly, leaders are expected to be transparent and accountable. More


Raina Brands on Networks
One of our favourite resources on the 100-Year Life website is a fantastic podcast by Hot Spots friend Professor Raina Brands, Assistant Professor of Organisational Behaviour, London Business School. We love Raina’s perspective on networks and really enjoyed having her as a guest speaker at one of our masterclasses last year – we definitely recommend you have a listen.

Is technology distorting our view of the future?
Lynda Gratton recently published a thought-provoking blog exploring the reasons why focusing too much on technology when we think about the future may be distorting our view. Whether it’s the fact that it excludes women or the tendency to focus on a shorter time frame, the article highlights some interesting reasons why our obsession with technology is leading us to ignore the bigger picture.

Cast your vote on the 100-Year Life website
The website for Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott’s new book The 100-Year Life features regular polls covering topics such as what age people expect to retire and their approach to career changes and skills – visit the homepage to participate and view the results.

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