MAR 2017



My expert view on age and generational management in the workplace with @lyndagratton @cipd work magazine

- Florian Kunze - Mar 17

Organized a Meetup to discuss the book "The 100 Year Life" and the response has been awesome! It's a must read! @lyndagratton

Marla J Hetzel - Mar 18

65 is no longer automatic retirement age. What does that mean for business?  @Lyndagratton, @ajslondon1 @AARP

- MITSloan Mgmt Review‏ - Mar 18



The Hot Spots team has been doing a lot of work with companies from South Africa lately, and we’ve been struck by not only the quality of the case studies they bring to our consortiums but also by their ‘leap-frog nature’. The people practice case studies illustrate how many developing countries are skipping an entire generation of expensive and inflexible solutions that organisations in developed countries are struggling to demolish. More


By Emma Birchall – Head of Insights and Forecasting, Hot Spots Movement

What are the skillsets and capabilities that banks will need in future? And how will they attract, engage and retain these new profiles? These are questions we’ve been exploring in our Banker of the Future project, an exclusive group of organisations from around the globe, including Australia, South Africa and the Netherlands. We’ve completed our first phase of the research and are now moving into a particularly interesting second phase – member case studies. More

Who’s in Our Network: Gayle Piek, Group Head Capability, Enterprise HR Strategy and Services at Westpac

One of the most innovative case studies we’ve come across in recent months comes from leading Australian bank, Westpac. Spearheaded by Gayle Piek, Westpac has created LearningBank, a pioneering approach to learning and development that places power firmly in the hands of employees. It does this by enabling all employees to access learning modules anytime, anywhere and from any device, empowering them to integrate learning into their everyday lives. More


Becoming the Inclusion & Diversity Employer of Choice

An increasing number of companies have been coming to us to ask about strategies for improving their inclusion and diversity programs – not just to tick compliance boxes, but because they want emerging talent to know that this is an area that is key to their corporate values. More

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