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LYNDA GRATTON INTERVIEWS…Dana El-Sheikh, HR Business Partner, Takatuf

In this series of regular interviews, Lynda Gratton speaks to Future of Work Research Consortium members. This month, Dana El-Sheikh, from Oman Oil Company’s HR services firm, Takatuf.

LG: What would you most like to see happen, in terms of the future of work?

DE-S: I would like to see more youth engagement from companies to help bridge the gap between workplace demands/skills and young people’s expectations.

LG: What do you consider to be the biggest challenge in today’s workplace and that impacts Takatuf?

DE-S: Attracting and retaining Talent. Firstly to develop a brand that is attractive to talent both locally and globally followed by creating effective channels to attract talent into our respective organisations. Finally creating appropriate processes to retain and motivate this talent at the workplace and ensure knowledge transfer and sharing across the organisation. More


by Tina Schneidermann, COO, Hot Spots Movement

If you’ve any experience with collaboration, then you will know: communication matters. Open, two-way or multi-way communication, to be more precise. So, it amused me earlier this week to come across the website of a large organisation’s collaborative innovation programme containing no contact details and a rather cumbersome and impersonal submission form for potential collaborators.

After hunting around for 10 minutes or so to look for any kind of contact that wasn’t a proposal form, I was left somewhat stunned. How is anyone meant to collaborate with this organisation if they can’t talk to them? Where, when and with whom do the conversations which should precede any proposal take place? It seems to me, they have missed out some vital steps in the collaboration process.

This approach might work if your collaboration amounts to giving up-and-coming talents the opportunity to join a stable of world-famous retail brands. More


At a recent conference on gender in the workplace, we noticed that many speakers emphasised the importance of “finding the right husband.” And in this case, the right husband was one who would be prepared to raise the kids, relocate for your career as quickly as he would for his own, and who would accept your long working hours, high stress levels and long periods of absence.

But is having a supportive partner really “business critical” rather than “nice to have” in the 21st Century? The fact that 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce would suggest that finding the right husband is not a particularly resilient career plan, nor is it advice that anyone can really act on unless partner-finding takes on the same rigour as the average recruitment campaign (and while there are signals that this is the approach favoured by some, it is thankfully not yet accepted by many).

A better approach is for both men and women to create sustainable and resilient networks of support including, but not limited to, a partner should they desire one. More


From April 14-17 we’re running Collaboration Week. There are plenty of ways for you to get involved:

  • Webinar: Leading a Collaborative Organisation, Monday 14th April 10-11am BST and 3-4pm BST - Professor Lynda Gratton launches Collaboration Week with a webinar on why collaboration starts at the top. The webinar will run twice, and includes a special guest speaker.
  • Tweetjam: Collaboration and building trust: Wednesday 16th April 10am-11am BST and 3-4pm BST - Professor Lynda Gratton and Hot Spots Movement COO Tina Schneidermann answer live questions on the importance of trust in the collaborative process. Follow @HSpotM and use the hashtag #collabweek14.
  • Collaboration Pop-up: Thursday 17th April, 12pm-6pm, Somerset House West Wing, Strand, London - A public pop-up event bringing together a range of speakers and activities to explore different aspects of collaboration, why it’s important, and what makes collaborative initiatives a success.

For more information about these events, please contact

Guest Contribution: Serious Games & Collaboration

We’re really pleased to have a guest article by Professor Howard B Esbin, creator of Prelude, to share with you this month. The article explores how “serious games” have been used to bring people together and foster collaboration since prehistoric times, and why they have an important role to play when it comes to business collaboration and professional training. You can read the complete article on our blog.


We had another fascinating guest at the Hot Spots Movement office earlier this month, when Cambridge University economist Ha-Joon Chang dropped into talk to us and share his insights on the new jobs crisis, specifically jobless growth and the rise of low-paid jobs with zero-hours contracts. Ha-Joon’s books, which include 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism and Bad Samaritans: The Guilty Secrets of Rich Nations and the Threat to Global Prosperity tackle big global issues head-on, and we’ve really enjoyed reading them. He’s also been nominated for Prospect Magazine’s Thinkers award. We’re looking forward to his latest book, Economics: The User’s Guide comes out on 1st May.

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