SEP 2017


One of the things we love about working with HR experts is their dedication to continuous improvement. After all, that’s what fuels their interest in the future of work. However, this commitment doesn’t always need to be bound up with the pursuit of novelty. Recently, though, a growing number of clients have approached us to help them review and refine their existing strategies. Here’s why we think it works:

1. It’s simple – Reviewing strategies you already have in place – measuring their effectiveness, identifying problems and tweaking them where they need to work harder – is a far simpler process than identifying and embedding new ones.

2. It’s less disruptive – Critically reviewing and improving what you have gives you the opportunity to build on what works and thereby focus on continuity. With change a constant, continuity is a prized asset in short supply.

3. It’s collaborative – Developing new strategies usually involves hiring a team of external consultants who will provide a substantial strategy document following their approach to what a good strategy model is, and consequently, it often feels distant and external to your business. In contrast, reviewing your existing strategies is more easily designed as a collaborative project that allows you and your team to assess your achievements, gather feedback in a facilitated environment and build something together that works for the whole organisation.

4. It meets your objectives – Refining your strategy as a team means you can link it to your overall business objectives – and in fact, these are what you should be measuring your existing strategy against. As such, one of the benefits of our Jams is that we help clients do this by engaging not only their senior team, but also their employees in reviewing and refining their strategic outlook and ensuring the whole organisation is aligned. Best of all, the strategic review process allows you to actively measure progress and demonstrate how far you’ve come – not only within the HR team, but to the business.

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