APR 2019

What are slashie careers?

One of the new careers-based terms we’ve come across recently is “slashie” – the increasingly common practice of freelancers who work multiple jobs at the same time.

This way of working is not new – in the past we’ve often referred to it as a “portfolio career” - but its current popularity is increasing. According to Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), more than 320,000 workers in the UK spread themselves across multiple roles that span different disciplines – contributing £271bn to the UK economy in the process. What’s more, many slashies are actively choosing to move away from single-discipline careers.

On the surface, being a slashie sounds ideal: after all, working in this way allows workers to indulge multiple professional skills and passions. It can also be a great way to keep skills fresh and relevant to the market – and is often the preferred choice for people who want access to more flexible hours and working patterns. And yet, while this may be true for those in well-paid, professional jobs, the reality is that for some slashies the driving factor behind developing a multi-faceted working life is a scarcity of work that pays enough to support them and their families. These ‘involuntary part time workers’ are often missing out on the benefits and security a full-time job can offer, meaning they often suffer high levels of stress and anxiety which drain their resilience.

From our perspective, these pros and cons demonstrate the need to look at emerging working trends from many different angles to really understand when they work – and when they may be detrimental.

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