The Generation Z Survey

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Posted on 20 October 2014

The Generation Z Survey

The Hot Spots Movement is embarking on an ambitious exercise: to discover who the next generation of workers are, what interests them, and what they want from life. The Gen Z Survey will capture the points of view of teenagers aged 14 - 18 around the globe, and will make sure their voices are heard by some of the biggest businesses, charities and institutions in the world.

These organisations cannot wait to understand more about how this generation will change the world of work.

We are inviting 14-18 year olds from around the world to complete our Gen Z survey. The survey takes under 15 minutes to respond to, and is conducted online.

The topics covered in the Survey are designed to make members of Gen Z think about their career opportunities, while providing practical insights for our upcoming theme on Talent Innovation.

If you are a member of Gen Z, you can fill out the survey here. Or if you know any 14-18 year olds, please send them this link:

If you want to circulate the survey to a wider audience (a classroom or school for instance), you can download material for teachers here, and for students here.