Workbook download: The Key

Lynda Gratton's latest book, The Key, is above all about resilience. It is about how today's corporations, faced with a fragile and uncertain world, can ensure their future and that of the communities surrounding them.

The book includes many examples of how corporations can secure their future, and why embedding themselves in the wider community is a vital part of doing so.

The Key deals with global issues which can at times seem overwhelming.The questions and challenges they raise can seem unanswerable and even insurmountable, with the optimal solutions being slightly different for every organisation. The purpose of this workbook is to help you break these issues down into a series of questions and statements so that you can assess your levels of inner and outer resilience. In pondering and answering these questions, you will begin to identify your company's strengths when it comes to building resilience, as well as the gaps and weaknesses that may prevent it from doing so.

Download the Key Workbook

You can download the workbook created by Lynda for The Key. The workbook will be of greatest benefit to those who have read The Key and are familiar with the examples and case studies within it - so make sure you order your copy today.

Download The Key workbook