OCT 2020

Co-creating the future with your people

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to dominate the way we live and work, many organisations are wondering what their future will look like and how their ways of working with evolve. At HSM, we believe that involving employees in this evolution is vital to success. Here are five key insights for leaders who want to tap into the power of their people.

1. Select them at random. If you want to avoid bias, or the usual suspects, a random selection process can help to ensure you have participants from a range of different disciplines and career levels.

2. Equip them with insight. To make informed decisions, people need as much relevant information as possible, so make sure your programme starts with an opportunity for people to learn.

3. Focus their efforts. What is it that you as individuals, and as an organisation need to focus your limited time and resources on? Set clear priorities to help people maintain focus.

4. Create together. Put participants’ new skills to the test right away by getting people involved in the process of turning their ideas into actions, rather than handing them over to the senior team.

5. Commit to action. For maximum success, the leadership team must commit to turning at least some of the ideas and concepts gathered into actions.

These principles are a solid foundation for any co-creation process with your people – allowing leaders to ensure participants in the programme are informed, invested and representative of the future they want to create.

If you’re interested in co-creating the future with your people, you can read more on this topic in our latest white paper.



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