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HOT SPOTS NEWSLETTER: the communities of the future

As the Hot Spots Movement, we are continuously extending our own team and networks: this means we are connected with more and more interesting people, who challenge us to create and innovate. This got us thinking about what constitutes a network, and what communities will be essential for our business success.

We really do enjoy hearing from members of the Hot Spots Movement, and urge you to keep us updated with developments in your organisation, and ideas you have – we’d love to discuss them in a future edition of the newsletter!

Future of Work extends its international reach

Lynda’s Future of Work Research Consortium is almost three months old, and some more members have just signed up! We are really excited because they add some more countries into the mix, to give us an ever-more global overview.

Joining the Consortium are: the pharma company Novo Nordisk, from Denmark; Mahindra & Mahindra, which is a leading vehicle manufacturer (and is also active in many other business areas) from India; the Italian chocolatier Ferrero; and SATS (Singapore Airport Terminal Services).

The Future of Work has pulled together a “wise crowd” of almost 250 people from a number of very diverse and sophisticated corporations and organisations around the world. This group of people is examining some of the tough issues the future holds for us.

Mid-point findings about the Future of Work

How do you build communities across organisations over issues they all find important? And why should we pay our leaders so much if a collaborative team-based approach is increasingly prevalent?

These are two of the issues that came up for discussion at the second live event Future of Work research consortium, marking the halfway point of the project. Click here for more.

Can networks provide a stabilising force for leaders?

As companies move to a flatter structure, with more reliance on executive teams, rather than a single figurehead, networks will become increasingly important at all levels of business.

One of the benefits of this for top leaders is that their networks can act as a steadying force to help them avoid the excesses and fundamental errors of judgement that the world has witnessed in recent years. In fact, the CEO will be less of a pivotal figure in the organisation, which provides increased stability and continuity as, in recent years, many CEOs stay less than three years. Click here to read more.

What will our future communities look like?

This is something we have been thinking about for a while at the Hot Spots Movement, which is a loosely bound community, with a common interest. On the other hand, the community within the Future of Work is bound together more strongly, with goals and objectives, across companies and different cultures, in an open and innovative co-creation process.

Lynda has identified three types of networks and communities companies will rely on in the future: the Posse, the Big Idea Crowd, and the Regenerative Community. Click here to read more.

Download podcast with Lynda

Lynda has been interviewed by Boni Sones for a podcast for Cambridge Judge Business School Centre for International Human Resource Management. During the interview, Lynda talks about how factors for collaboration such as team size, diversity, long-distance cooperation, and complementary expertise are fostered to solve global business challenges, and how destructive behaviours and climates can be mitigated.

Click here to download.

New-look website and newsletter

You will notice a change in the website and newsletter this month: we’re really pleased with the new look! Many thanks to Marzia and the team for all their hard work in getting the new site ready and live. If you think colleagues or friends would be interested in joining our community and receiving the Hot Spots Newsletter every month, just tell them to register on www.hotspotsmovement.com. We’re always delighted to welcome more members!

Welcome to the newest member of the Hot Spots team

We’re delighted to welcome Heidi Kingman to the Hot Spots team – she is working with us in Singapore where we’re busy working with the Ministry of Manpower and a number of big corporations.

Heidi has spent much time researching the latest in HR practices and policies, working with the latest technology and developing new strategies for organisations including: Wal-mart, Toyota, Siemens, Fannie Mae, Lockheed Martin, Marriott International, World Bank, Kinetic Concepts Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers and many others.

Heidi would be delighted to have a chat – click here to send get in touch with us and we’ll connect you.

Developing networks: who’s in our network?

At the heart of Hot Spots is the capacity to create valuable and exciting networks.
This month: Julian Birkinshaw, who is co-founder of the MLab, at London Business School and in California, along with Professor Gary Hamel. Click here to read more.

What can Hot Spots do for you?

In the last newsletter, we mentioned that the Hot Spots Movement will run in-house programmes this year. Since then, we’ve had a number of enquiries from people asking for a scaled-up or scaled down version.

Normally, the Hot Bed for Hot Spots Programme is a full-day in-house, or two-day public programme. But we would love to hear your thoughts about what time and format you think would be the most relevant to your organisation. Or you might think that webinars would work best – we’re open to suggestions!

Feel free to contact Tina on tina@hotspotsmovement.com with your ideas.




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